for a video

  1. In Google Chrome, right click on the active page, so go to rumpetroll page, and right click.
  2. Select inspect element.
  3. When the dev tools pop up,choose the Sources tab.
  4. In the Sources tab, click on the "show navigator" button on the top left side of the dev tools, there should be a panel in the left side now, choose main.js from the that panel.
  5. Click on the number 1 at the side of line 1, this adds a break to the program.
  6. Now choose App.js from the same panel.
  7. Click on the number 255 at the side of line 255, this adds another break to the program.
  8. Reload the Rumpetroll page it should stop before the program begins.
  9. It should be totally black.
  10. Click the "step out" button on the right at the top.
  11. Click on "show console" at the bottom left.
  12. Type "this.model = model;" and press enter. (Note that "<text>" are just to indicate that is the input in chrome's console)
  13. Click twice the "step out" button.
  14. Type "u = app.model.userTadpole;" and press enter.
  15. Type "w = app.model.tadpoles;" and press enter.
  16. Press "step out" button.
  17. Type "w" and expand to check it's internals, there should be a list of id's
  18. Type "var int=self.setInterval(function(){u.x = w[<id>].x; u.y = w[<id>].y},<time_in_milliseconds>); "
  19. For example "var int=self.setInterval(function(){u.x=w[481076].x; u.y = w[481076].y}, 200);"
  20. To clear this script just type "int=window.clearInterval(int);"